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What to Do if Towing Company Damages Car: 5 Essential Steps

Updated: Oct 19

What to Do if Towing Company Damages Car

Towing your vehicle is often a stressful experience, especially if your car has broken down unexpectedly. Unfortunately, accidents happen when a tow truck is transporting your car. You may want to know, 'what should you do if a towing company damages your car?’

Start by documenting the damage by taking pictures and writing a detailed description. Provide all the necessary documentation to your towing company or insurance company so they can get involved.

Also, there are essential steps you need to take, and we'll guide you through them. Just keep reading, we'll tell you what to do next.

What To Do If Towing Company Damages Car: Follow These Steps

You should take 5 steps below if a towing company damages your vehicle.

  • Document the Damage

  • Obtain a Repair Estimate

  • Contact the towing company

  • Involve your insurance company

  • Consider legal action

Here is a more detailed explanation of each step.

#Step One: Document the Damage

Take detailed photos of the damage caused by the tow company to your car. Use a high-quality camera or smartphone to capture clear and accurate images from different angles. Don't forget to focus on scratches, dents, and other damages caused by the towing company.

Show specific damaged areas with close-up shots and show the overall condition of your car with wider shots. For future reference, keep the photos organized and easily accessible. In case of a towing or insurance claim, they'll be a great help.

#Step Two: Obtain a Repair Estimate

Quickly get a repair estimate from a reliable auto repair shop after documenting the damage caused by the towing company. This estimate is crucial for determining the severity of the damage and the expected repair cost.

Getting an estimate will give you a detailed description of the damage, parts, and labor. The documentation will serve as evidence, making negotiations and legal action easier.

#Step Three: Contact the Towing Company

Towing companies are responsible for damages caused during the towing process if they fail to use due care. You need to get in touch with the towing company. Explain the situation calmly and clearly.

Keep an objective attitude and avoid confrontation, but let the towing company know your car was damaged while in their care.

Provide them with any evidence you have, such as photographs of the damage and a repair estimate from a reputable mechanic. Request that they reimburse you for the repairs or compensate you in some other way for the damage caused.

Remember, a professional heavy duty towing company takes responsibility for the damage.

It's important to record the conversation and any promises made by the towing company. By doing this, you'll be one step closer to resolving the damage issue.

Step Five: Involve Your Insurance Company

If the towing company isn't responsible for damages to your car, involving your insurance company may be the next step.

Understanding your policy and what it covers before filing a claim is important. You have options if you have comprehensive or damage coverage in your policy. Insurance companies will investigate your claim thoroughly and resolve it.

It's crucial to note that involving your insurance company may still result in deductible payments and rate increases. However, it's worth exploring if the towing company won't compensate for damages and you have to cover the expense.

#Step Four: Consider Legal Action

Whenever you are unable to reach an agreement with a towing company and your insurance won't cover the damage, taking legal action may be necessary. You can use documented evidence and a repair estimate to file a complaint against the towing company in small claims court. Small claims courts handle disputes concerning low-value amounts.

The process is simple, and hiring a lawyer may not be necessary. However, consulting with a lawyer before filing is advisable to receive guidance on the best course of action and navigate the legal process successfully.

Gathering all relevant information, including photos, receipts, and correspondence, is crucial. By doing so, you can present a strong case in court.

What damage can happen from towing a car?

What damage can happen from towing a car

When cars are being towed, various types of damage can occur, ranging from bumper dents to transmission issues, deflated tires, windshield cracks, body scratches, alignment problems, and interior scuffs. The transmission can experience strain, leading to possible fluid leaks or gear damage.

Additionally, if the towing vehicle is not properly secured, it can put too much pressure on the car's tires, which can cause problems. The straps or chains used in the towing process may also crack the windshield.

Scratches on the vehicle's body can occur if the tow truck does not have proper protective measures or the car is not properly secured. Improper towing can also cause wheel alignment issues, which creates alignment problems. It's also possible for tow truck operators to scratch a car's interior if they're not careful.

To avoid such issues, it's critical to choose a reputable commercial towing company that covers any damage that happens during the towing process. A company with a sense of duty will take all the necessary precautions when it comes to the tow connection, driving in traffic, and displaying warning lights.

Are towing companies liable for any damage?

As mentioned above, Towing companies are held responsible for any damage during the towing process. Whether it's a long distance towing or any other type of towing service, they must exercise due care to avoid damaging the vehicle being towed.

Before towing a vehicle, the driver usually inspects it for damages such as dents, scratches, or missing parts to avoid future damage claims. The vehicle owner should take photos alongside the driver during the inspection. The towing truck is responsible for ensuring the vehicle and its surroundings are safe while towing.

Don't Feel Helpless: Resolve Towing Company Damage

When a towing company damages your car, it's hard not to feel helpless. But don't let that feeling linger; take action right away. You should contact your towing company or insurance company, or simply seek legal guidance.

It's easy to feel defeated but remember that you have the power to fix the wrongs caused by a negligent towing company. Whatever the case, protect your rights and get the compensation you deserve. Like a skilled mechanic can repair a broken engine, you have the strength and resources to repair this injustice.

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